Day 43 it’s all about the broken iPhone 🥴🤬😠 first world problems… 🤦🏻‍♀️

What a day… is it Wednesday yet??? I was up like a manic thing today, I seem to have found the motivation I was looking for yesterday! Out in the garden (blue sky, sunshine and a bitterly cold breeze!) in my workout stuff and walked about to RH Fitness’ Walkie Talkie where a lovely girl called Baking El told us the difference between Slimming world and the RH Fitness calorie deficit. So you have to exercise more than you eat and it should be more sustainable in the longer term. By 7.30am I’ve already done more than 3.5k steps!!

Was a lovely morning!
Off out with Bhruic and Freya adding to the steps and hit 10k when I was back in
My trees on the skyline!
Heading home….. and then catastrophe….

The home button on my iPhone just stopped working…. nothing would shift it. Given I’ve just had the screen replaced the other day I’d be forgiven for thinking it was something to do with that??! So I called iBitz in Johnstone and he gave me an appointment at 12.30. So….. I have no phone…. what to do?!?! I walked Calaidh… no pics but you e seen millions so I need you to use your imagination here!!

I decided to start setting up and Overland & Borders web page. Of course…. on the laptop. So it’s very much a work in progress just now but I’m on it. I’d said yesterday about struggling to access my iCloud photos on my Microsoft laptop as they don’t make that kinda thing easy…. so the web page had some old pics until I can get that sorted. did I mention I have no working phone????????!! 🤯🤬😤🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Up to the shop for 12.30 and it does not look good…… he is very silent and works on the phone right in front of me. I can tell he has no idea what’s wrong. Eventually he tries a brand new screen and the home button still doesn’t work. He says it’s common that they fail on iPhone 7. So to be fair, he sets me up with a screen home button but I’ll never have Touch ID again. I guess I’ll get over it.

When I get home we go online to see what else we can try to fix my perfect home button that’s not working…. and then the phone just died and won’t switch back on. That is until I’ve posted on FB, called my folks from Craig’s phone and messaged various other people to tell them of the trauma. Claire next door has EXACTLY the same phone sitting in a box in her house. Only then does my iPhone think it’s worth switching back on.

I’m in the process of setting Claire’s up now and working on the old one but I have no idea if this will publish. Bit of a waste of a day but at least we had time to deal with it.

This iPhone will work, this iPhone will work…

So very sadly it’s now been reported that the UK now has the highest number of deaths of COVID-19 in Europe. This is despite us having been behind European countries and we should have been ahead of the curve to curb out number of deaths weeks before as we learned from Italy and Spain. But we were too slow to react. A huge rise of 693 has taken us to 29,427 and Italy now sit 29,315. Millions of people entered the UK in the 3 months before lockdown but only 273 were quarantined. Airlines are laying off as a result of being grounded for so long. Virgin Atlantic around 3,000… the UK economy is in its deepest decline in living memory. There’s still a lot of change to come.

Not many photos today but no phone means no camera!!

Thought I’d end with this. Kindness above everything is what will matter in our new world 💜

Day 42 and I need to find some motivation!!

Poor Bhru isn’t feeling well this morning. The pups normally spill out from their room upstairs like bullets from a gun but Craig realised she hadn’t come down and went back up to get her. Wee soul.

To be fair she eats a whole lotta stuff she shouldn’t so maybe this time she found something that really wasn’t good. Keeping an eye on her ❤️
She was snuggling in with Craig until Freya decided she wanted in on the action… Bhru’s saying help me mumma 🤣
Got sent this while we were having coffee… now that is funny!
Poor Bhru was up for more cuddles!
We took them down to Speirs School Grounds today and Bhru seemed to be fine
Yeah this pose could have gone better…. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Checking their pee-mail 😆
Water puppy Calaidh
Lovely wee ducks enjoying their day till Calaidh clocked them! love that their wings are exactly coordinated as they take off!!
Time to head home, was a really nice wee spot to let them play!

Time for a coffee when we got back and I decided I am going to build a webpage for Overland and Borders. Craig showed me how to start and we both thought that would be me for the day! I’m having huge bother with my 41,160 photos and 1,663 videos. I have a huge iCloud storage plan but the phone seems full up and you can’t get stuff into the iCloud while the phone is full??? I have sat here on and off all day trying to free up space on my phone to get stuff to back up to the iCloud.

Had a lovely message from one of “my readers” if I can say that, she’s one of my neighbours!! 😬🤣 to say she got up, did her hair and make up and went out to the shops like she’d seen me do yesterday. Said she looks the best she’s looked in 6 weeks!! I’m so glad that writing this can help even in a small way.

She dropped this thought the door… she is an inspiration to us all. Always does lovely wee things like that!

Funny when I said today I’m looking for some motivation… the RH Fitness group that I’m a member of do a wee thing each day called Walkie Talkie where Rachel chats while she steps on the spot. Today’s chat was about Mindset so I joined in today for the first time. I just walked up and down the garden, round the house and listened to some of her motivation and it really helped. She says you have to want it for yourself and only YOU can make the difference. I do know all this but it really helps to hear it and let it sink in again… can highly recommend their fitness plan!

Had a lovely over the fence cuppa with Claire at 3. Always good to catch up in if only for a quickie on her tea break. Craig’s been on the phone to clients and I’ve been faffing with this phone thing on the computer and getting nowhere!!!!!!!!!!! It’s driving me insane!!!!! More insane…… 😆

BBQ again tonight… steak and chicken.

“Only” 288 deaths in the last 24 hours which is the lowest increase since March. This takes the total to 28,734. One in 5 British workers are now furloughed which means the government are paying the salaries of 6.3 million people. There is an app that’s been created called COVIDSymtom Tracker

You have to update this every night to say whether you feel unwell or not. This is run by Kings College London and collated and reported on.

The NHS are now urging us to download a contact tracing app which will be used to track infections as restrictions on movement ease. It’s being trialled in the Isle of Wight at the moment. We’re due to find out more about lockdown easing measures towards the end of the week. Some countries have seen a spike in cases of COVID-19 as a result of lifting lockdown.

Updates showing there were still 4.342 new cases today taking the UK total cases to 187,842 and globally now over 3.5million.

Day 41 an’ it’s a scorcher!! ☀️☀️

When a dog’s awake everyone’s awake…. bloody woofers. It’s 7.40am on a Sunday we’re woken by a bark and the first word out Craig’s mouth is… what time is Asda open? Ok…. so now I’m really awake. SHOPPING!!!!!!!!

Up, shower, hair wash, scrunched, eye liner on….. I am leaving the house yay!!!!!

Few pics of the dogs in the sun before we left!
Not letting go in case the others get it!
Check how empty the roads were on the way to Asda Linwood
Craig dropped me off then went to get cheap fuel at £109.9 a litre the cheapest in a VERY long time. Then a drive to try and charge his leisure battery so he could run the diesel heater to stop carbon build up.
I was in the queuing system in Asda. Didn’t wait long to get in but as I was queuing they suggested the Shop and Go app so you scan your food as you go round! U-MAZ-ING!!! Cuts the checkout time to minutes. Not gonna lie… the start of my shop was probs a lot longer than normal as I took a handheld scanner AND my phone… turns out I didn’t need the scanner lol. Had to wash the handheld scanner with disinfectant on a bit of blue roll… all while juggling phone, trying not to stand near anyone and not touch my face!!!

So…. not gonna lie, my anxiety at the start of the shop was pretty high! I felt myself breathing heavily and I seem to have taken to talking to myself on the way round… I have a list… cannot think clearly, master the list and pen and the handheld scanner and my phone which at this point I think I need…. I also have the added slight pressure of Mr Avery waiting for me which crosses my mind as I hurtle through the clothing section desperate to miss something I might not be able to live without. It’s funny because when you actually get to a shop now you feel you need to make it worth your while and get everything as you can’t just pop back to Asda easily. So… as I said above the actual check out part is fantastic. The girl explains I could have used my phone instead of the handheld scanner. Makes sense but I was determined to use both 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Out and ready for collection… thankfully didn’t seem to keep him waiting too long so all is good! Have to handball the shopping into the Jeep. Why? I didn’t get bags… that was way to much to do with everything else going on…..
You get the gist??? I took hunners o’photies and the roads where pretty empty!
Village life…. hand balled the shopping into the house… 🤷🏻‍♀️
Bacon on the barby for breakfast!
Thought I’d take a selfie with my new phone screen and my hair washed and down!! Sat in the sun having breakfast.
After breakfast “we” tackled the bottom end of the garden!
This is me tackling the garden…. need content for the blog?!!
Looking no bad… except I apparently am responsible for the first sleeper against the fence being squint as he drilled it from the other side….. looked fine to me… 😬
Hammock up just to check lol
Craig chatting over the fence while I sit taking pics of the dogs following his every move!
Had a wee visit from Nacho the cockapoo today!
Toooooooo cute!!! 🥰
Nacho and Leo the almost cockapoo twins!
Nacho learning to walk!
Nacho looking mean!!
Freya being told to stay still for the photos but she just wants to play!
BBQ dinner, steak for Craig and chicken kebabs for me. Still hot outside!
Who expects to look after the furniture when there’s hosing going on outside!!! they were desperate to get out!

The number of people who have died in UK hospitals, care homes and the wider community has “only” risen by 315 which seems a “good” reduction from the last few days. I’m very conscious that these are real people’s lives ending and yet we talk of them in numbers. The total UK deaths is now 28,446. They have confirmed that the lockdown has worked in slowing the virus. There doesn’t seem to be much other news today as I guess it’s a Sunday…

This was 2k deaths ago……
Check the sunset tonight. Stunning ☀️
Stunning VW still for sale but it’s the sky I’m showing honest!!

Day 40 I think I work best when I surprise myself with my tasks for the day 😆

If anyone had told you at the start of 2020 that you would be told to stay in your house for 40 days you just never would have believed it….. it’s only a few months since we were all standing side by side in crowds, in shops, meeting each other with hugs & kisses. Now we go out for a walk or to the supermarket and we are all skirting around each other like a shark swimming through a sea of minnows.

I think in these last few days we have finally been feeling a bit of boredom… the weathers not been as good and I’m struggling to find the motivation to do stuff inside. That’s where the surprise myself with a task comes in. I had no intention whatsoever of doing the housework today and yet boom… blitzed, done. Only to finish the sun room and kitchen floor. Even cleaned windows!! If I’d gone to bed last night thinking I was gonna do the housework I’d have found a million other things to do but instead I just started pottering and went full head down cleaning mode!

Seen a few of these posted on Facebook and really read it today. Our world is on hold at the moment but this shows that we are not.

Thankfully my neighbours supplies me with some wonderful lockdown content today….

Graeme trying to fix tiles on his roof … up a ladder with a spade and a rake 🤷🏻‍♀️ stood and watched him for a bit and he did actually get the tile to go in where it had fallen out from. Method in his madness…. 😆

I went to the Co-op in Beith this afternoon and felt like it was the first time that people didn’t seem to be so scared of each other. There’s still that funny thing that you think if you keep your head down and don’t make eye contact then you can pass each other less than 2m apart??!?? The Co is a small shop and it’s impossible to be 2m apart in some of the smaller aisles. They have tape marks on the floor 2m apart all the way round. The first 5 aisles have walk this way arrows… down the first up the second etc. Then in about the 5th of 6th aisle that disappears as it’s now a queuing aisle for the self service checkouts. I got to the top of this aisle expecting to walk down and my head melted…. what do I do?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️😬🤣 it goes to show you that 2m distancing isn’t always possible in shops like that. They’ve done away with the entrance and exit segregation at the door, it’s just a free for all. So I probably got too close to lots of folk as I walked round. Is there a complacency setting in as we’ve been shopping so many times and not caught anything therefore assume we’ll be ok?? Maybe an element of that.

I was desperate for a coffee and a scone so we had scones with butter and raspberry jam and they were lovely. The scones themselves were pretty rotten but the butter and jam was lovely 🥴❤️ so this was only a wee shop for dinner and tomorrow. Still cost me £75 for some reason.

After some chat on the Overland Bound group we realised we needed to run the diesel heater in the car to ensure that it doesn’t over carbon… I know it was better English than that… need to run the engine to charge the battery to run the heater.

He opened the tailgate and the table fell down and smashed the base off his wine glass
Awwwww naw but at least the wine’s safe!
Sitting outside in the sun… pizza night and movies tonight I think… Sat night in lockdown!

Another 621 deaths yesterday taking our total to 28,131. Have to see what the next few weeks bring in terms of lockdown easing but have to watch it so that it doesn’t spike another load of deaths.

Having a nice wee alcohol free Nosecco in the sun ☀️ cheers!!

Day 39 picked up from my splat and volunteering! prolonged hail storm today 🤷🏻‍♀️

Beautiful sunny morning so decided that this lot needed weeding.

Wearing black the sun was really hot as I weeded the rockery. The old pond is empty just now and used as an ash pit from the fires so ignore the mess in that!! I weeded it all and then sat and had a coffee in the hot sun.

Much tidier!!
Calaidh’s funny… 2 balls and you have to guess which one she wants as she will never go for the one she doesn’t want!
Then this happened…. or started…. and it just got worse!
Out the front window! Note lovely VW beetle up for sale! It was lashing down.
Blurry but you get the gist, it was horrific ad water was pouring in the front door when it was open!
Had to go to the post office in the monsoon! Only 4 folk allowed in the shop at by one time

So I was volunteering with the Beith Trust again today. Nothing has ever come through the NHS first responder app. Have 5 houses to deliver to in the local area. Had a lovely chat with 3 of them today. So nice to hear about their live and hopefully give them a wee change during lockdown. One lady had the most beautiful Azalea bushes in her garden and she told me they were 50 years only and came from her parents house in Rowan Avenue, Beith. We had a good chat about the colours and looking after them.

Meals in the front fresh stuff in the boot!!
This was still here when I got home?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️

They’ve advised a further 739 deaths in the last 24 hours which is inclusive of care homes. That takes the UK to 25,510. I e read about one wee girl who lost her Nana then her mum 4 days later as she’s asking her dad who’s next, him or her….. so very sad. I say that a lot. We have become immune to hearing these numbers now.

I think these last few days I’ve found some boredom has set in. I’ve done nothing because I’m so tired but equally the days are dragging. Think I’ll try and do a bit more tmro. The weathers looking up a bit over the next few days too which always helps.

Got Bhru on my knee again, chilling in the heat of the sun through the window

Day 38 so they say healing is messy…. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Splat!

Having a bit of a quiet day today 🥰 we did our Spanish lesson and took a wee family trip out to the Greenhouse and the Jeep!

I’ve been missing out one or two of my meds as I’d been feeling so zonked but trying to get the 15k steps in a day…. so I thought missing a wee one or two here and there would help increase the energy a bit. Hmmmmm yeah nice idea but I must still need them as for reason……. there’s a waterworks of tears today for no real reason! Women huh?!

Has a lovely house party chat today with Laura and Julie and Julie’s dad! Julie’s mum died in February so he’s feeling particularly lonely but had great chat about women passing at the end of his garden path and asking him out!!! So nice to catch up. And no tears since then….
This is the life saver

Got my feet up in Grans chair. Bhru sleeping on me and this is where I’m gonna stay for now. 1,919 steps so far 😬

Day 37 no sunshine and I went outside… in the car… to Johnstone

Changing this up a bit coz it’s RAINING!!!!!!! It’s ok.. I’m already brown enough to have been abroad for a month but it’s changing our whole lockdown routine a bit.

It’s only 8.50 and we’re all lying down already… makes for a peaceful house YAY!!!!

Its my Auntie Jac and Uncle Ewen’s 14th wedding anniversary today and they’ve made cards for each other… we’ve all kind of accepted a make do and mend culture like they did in the war. A Christmas card scrawled over with happy anniversary would have been considered an insult less than 6 weeks ago. I like these new relaxed rules…. I had typed there I like this new relaxed world but then that seems so insensitive given that so many people in the world are working like crazy to keep others safe… the NHS, caters, delivery guys, supermarkets, police, fire brigade etc. These support functions are the heroes in all this. They do not have a new relaxed world.

Yay….. SOMEONE woke them all up…. if only you could hear the noise 🤦🏻‍♀️ and for the smarties amongst you the clock needs a new battery!!
Throw the ball 🎾🎾 where’s Gran when we need her??!
We just went out to fit a new “tactical” seat cover in the Jeep but it doesn’t fit no matter how hard we tried. It’s the kind of thing that you would pick up in Home Bargains and try to make it fit but it came from a reputable seller as specific for Jeeps. 🥴 it isnae…

My friend Ronnie Forsyth sent me this wee funny this morning which I thought summed things up for us just now 😬🤣


to clear up any confusion 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🥴 (author unknown)

1. You MUST NOT leave the house for any reason, but if you have a reason, you can leave the house.

2. Masks are useless at protecting you against the virus, but you may have to wear one because it can save lives, but they may not work, but they may be mandatory, but maybe not.

3. Shops are closed, except those shops that are open.

4. You must not go to work but you can get another job and go to work.

5. You should not go to the Doctor’s or to the hospital unless you have to go there, unless you are too poorly to go there.

6. This virus can kill people, but don’t be scared of it. It can only kill those people who are vulnerable or those people who are not vulnerable. It’s possible to contain and control it, sometimes, except that sometimes it actually leads to a global disaster.

7. Gloves won’t help, but they can still help so wear them sometimes, or not.

8. STAY HOME, but it’s important to go out.

9. There is no shortage of groceries in the supermarkets, but there are many things missing. Sometimes you won’t need loo rolls but you should buy some just in case you need some.

10. The virus has no effect on children except those children it affects.

11. Animals are not affected, but there was a cat that tested positive in Belgium in February when no one had been tested, plus a few tigers here and there…

12. Stay 2 metres away from tigers (see point 11).

13. You will have many symptoms if you get the virus, but you can also get symptoms without getting the virus, get the virus without having any symptoms or be contagious without having symptoms, or be non contagious with symptoms…it’s a sort of lucky/unlucky dip.

14. To help protect yourself you should eat well and exercise, but eat whatever you have on hand as it’s better not to go to the shops, unless you need toilet roll or a fence panel.

15. It’s important to get fresh air but don’t go to parks but go for a walk. But don’t sit down, except if you are old, but not for too long or if you are pregnant or if you’re not old or pregnant but need to sit down. If you do sit down don’t eat your picnic, unless you’ve had a long walk, which you are/aren’t allowed to do if you’re old or pregnant.

16. Don’t visit old people but you have to take care of the old people and bring them food and medication.

17. If you are sick, you can go out when you are better but anyone else in your household can’t go out when you are better unless they need to go out.

18. You can get restaurant food delivered to the house. These deliveries are safe. But groceries you bring back to your house have to be decontaminated outside for 3 hours including frozen pizza.

19. You can’t see your older mother or grandmother, but they can take a taxi and meet an older taxi driver.

20. You are safe if you maintain the safe social distance when out but you can’t go out with friends or strangers at the safe social distance.

21. The virus remains active on different surfaces for two hours … or four hours…or six hours… I mean days, not hours. But it needs a damp environment. Or a cold environment that is warm and dry… in the air, as long as the air is not plastic.

22. Schools are closed so you need to home educate your children, unless you can send them to school because you’re not at home. If you are at home you can home educate your children using various portals and virtual class rooms, unless you have poor internet, or more than one child and only one computer, or you are working from home. Baking cakes can be considered maths, science or art. If you are home educating you can include household chores within their education. If you are home educating you can start drinking at 10am.

23. If you are not home educating children you can also start drinking at 10am.

24. The number of corona related deaths will be announced daily but we don’t know how many people are infected as they are only testing those who are almost dead to find out if that’s what they will die of. The people who die of corona who aren’t counted, won’t or will be counted but maybe not.

25. We should stay in locked down until the virus stops infecting people but it will only stop infecting people if we all get infected so it’s important we get infected and some don’t get infected.

26. You can join your neighbours for a street party and turn your music up for an outside disco and your neighbours won’t call the police. People in another street are allowed to call the police about your music whilst also having a party which you are allowed to call the police about.

27. No business will go down due to Coronavirus except those businesses that will go down due to Coronavirus.


Tidied the bedroom, long time coming and phoned a repair shop in Johnstone as my screen was cracked really badly and it was getting worse… affecting selfies 😱 I made an appointment for 3.30pm today as they are only allowing one person in the shop at any one time with an appointment so they know exactly what they need to have ready.

Me in Johnstone with very poor selfie quality… ok Dave Spinks I know… that’s not the phone, just me…. 🤭🤣
Waiting outside the shop until the person before me is done. I get there at 3.14 for a 3.30 appointment so I don’t “chap the shutters” which are 3/4 down as I assume I’ll get in when the person before me comes out…. turns out there was no one in the shop. I don’t find that out until 3.37pm when the guy calls looking for me. I’ve stood outside in the cold, then rain, dodging everyone that had to walk past me, stepping out into the road between parked cars. Looking like a weirdo!!! Again, Dave… I know 🤣
So observations…. Johnstone was surprisingly busy. Some people don’t do the 2m thing AT ALL… one woman almost walked into me as I tried to avoid her. Folk standing outside Iceland having a fag didn’t move to let me past, I had to go on the road. Folk got out a taxi right in front of me. Not sure how that works for the taxi drivers??

It reminded me of what we are actually going through right now. The strangest of times. We can’t mix with other people anymore without fear of catching something. A lot of our normal shops are closed. Starbucks drive thru looked very strange closed. I think with the recent good weather we’ve been on a wee bit of a holiday, out in the sun, getting stuff down, ticking off lists but reality hit me a wee bit being out.

We all get this now on FB. There were 765 deaths in the last 24 hours but they are finally including care homes in the figures. The number of deaths seems to have shocked the Government on the day that our PM Boris Johnson and his girlfriend had a baby boy.

Despite the numbers above sky news is now reporting a total of 26,072 deaths putting UK only behind Italy for number of deaths in Europe. This is with all the care home deaths added in…. Italy is at 26,872 so we are only 700 odd behind them and yet we are weeks behind them from the start of the virus. That’s very, very sad. 💔

Day 36 it actually rained!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🌦

Well, it started off lovely this morning but we couldn’t get moving. We watched the Overland Bound latest YouTube films and it spurred us into action! Not into housework though…

The whole five of us out for the walk this morning
Go, go, go!!
Managed to get over 15k steps!!
Heading home
Craig cut up loads of old fencing that was taking up space in the garden with an angle grinder we borrowed. It sparked all the time but of the 842 photos I took of hybrid, not one spark visible!!!!!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️
The pups were locked into the patio area to keep them safe!
The clouds kept coming…
Note beautifully painted fence and clouds!!
Saw 3 or 4 freight planes heading to Glasgow airport but local chat showed this. Didn’t think the planes were all the same one but hey… there been a lot more air traffic today then in the last few weeks.
Put the bamboo back up that blew done in a bad storm ages ago! It took out the pub fence panel down with it! What a change in the weather before and after!!
Cuppa with Claire for her tea break.
Then it started to rain and we kept standing there!! Had to give up eventually.
Just as we were coming in Craig noticed that our neighbour Kenny, on the other side, had set fire to his fence while blow torching weeds!!!!! The fire was right up inside the wood…. thank god we’re nosy neighbours 🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣🤣 it took two full watering cans to stop it smouldering! The whole pub fence could have gradually burned but at least there’s no weeds!
The garden’s not as photogenic in the rain!
Having a movie afternoon and night!
Yep that’s all 3 dogs on the same cushion in the last few hours!! They’re loving the lazy afternoon too!

There’s been another 586 hospital deaths in the last 24 hours. The Telegraph are suggesting that the UK might be on track for the highest deaths in Europe as there are likely to be the same numbers of deaths outside hospitals as in them. We’re gonna have to do another food shopping soon. Just need to pick a supermarket and a time and decide when best to go.

This is something that I’ve been working hard on in the last few years. I thought it was important to have a big job, big job title but actually it’s not who I was or who I wanted to be. My life feels very good in the inside just now. 💜
I am very lucky to have had time to realise who all these people are and to have the best people to remind me why it’s worth it.
And this is the full reason for our current lockdown. Hope no one is missing for all of you ❤️

Day 35 one of the dogs chewed my bra on lockdown???!? 🤦🏻‍♀️🐶😱

Yeah what a way to start the day. Bras hanging over the radiator to dry since yesterday… pick it up to put it on…..

😱😱😱😱 had to be the strap dangling down eh???! Seriously you guys we are not allowed out the house just now!!!! Getting their own back for me fence painting yesterday instead of giving them a long walk…

I get over it surprisingly quickly… after all it only cost me a fiver in Asda the other week when another one burst its underwire. Don’t worry… I have a back up…

So moving on to way more sensible conversation… we did our 20 mins of Spanish over coffee again.

No show without Bhru… 🤣 (I have a crack in my phone screen which affects selfies!)
Meant to say yesterday Craig was chopping wood when a bit hit his leg! Bhru keeps trying to lick it better 🥴 don’t worry he’s still walking tho lol
His chopped wood! Looking good!
Check my fence… awfy chuffed with it.
Steps… need to get on it! Bhru and Freya
My trees in the sunshine! It’s a beautiful day even though they’d said the weather would turn today. Expecting rain and 2pm but can’t see it…
Off to play in the field for a bit!
Off into the next field
Off again on the plod.
Think this might be the last of the sunny days for a bit so may have taken a few hundred extra pics 🤷🏻‍♀️
Just stunning
Gotta love a tree!
Next field!
Finally zonked!
This way guys
Back on the road to home (don’t worry there’s more fields on the way!!)
Love watching them do this before a big race!
And they’re off!!
Posing at my trees!
The clouds just added to the photos today
Gateside through the flowery garden
Heading back into Reek Street
We packed the bedding into the tent just to get it out the house. Once we’re allowed back out we’ll be ready to camp!
Man on Jeep
Check the black cloud hanging over the Jeep!
We got the shed re-roofed by the same roof guys. The roof will outlast us apparently
Calaidh didn’t like the roof guys blow torch burner…. she kept hiding
Out for a walk with Calaidh and the cloud kept growing! It’s about 4pm
We went to Speirs old school grounds
The war memorial
Calaidh leading the way, the grounds are beautiful in Speirs
Breaks my heart that they knocked this school down…. beautiful building and I have friends that went to school there.
The driveway in front of the old school
Next stop the Coronation Garden
The central feature of the garden is the Dawn Redwood, thought time exist only in fossil form. Living examples were found in China in 1941 and seeds brought to Scotland in 1947. It was planted in 1953 for the Queens Coronation and was hidden from view when the school was closed in 1972. It was found again and the garden cleared in 2013.
Some of the lovely flowers in the garden
Clever Calaidh
Calaidh got a wee paddle on the way back
What’s over here?
Maybe the last of the daffies… only seems the two tone coloured ones left
Check the clouds over Reek St.
Main Road… check that gorgeous Beetle for sale, someone messaged and asked for price and mileage today so my homemade sign must have attracted their attention. He said he’ll send the info to his daughter.

Reckon the weather turns tomorrow, I have so many more photos taken today that I never shared as today’s blog is getting ridiculous!! Coronavirus reports 360 deaths which is the lowest rise in 4 weeks. Here’s hoping we are turning a corner and maybe able to get back to some form of “normal” soon. In the meantime I will keep taking photos…. 😆 thanks to anyone who gets this far. (Oh and special thanks to my lovely neighbour Claire for surprising me with a wee bottle of Nosecco tonight from her shopping trip!!!!)

Day 34 shame you can’t get steps for using your arms staining the fence 🤷🏻‍♀️😬

So yeah… painting the fence today… well staining it with decking oil. I’m so knackered after it that I can’t remember this morning 🥴🤭😆 could be a short one….. we decided to start learning Spanish this morning over coffee. There’s a app called Duolingo that says just 5 mins a day can help you learn conversational languages. Maybe that’s 5 mins a day for the rest of your life but we did 20 mins today which says is the “intense” course. It was a good laugh and seems a really easy way to learn!

Craig es un hombre y Julie es una mujer

There’ll be no stopping us… 😆 we’ve been watching The Narcos Mexico series on tv at night so if they say man or woman we’ll no be needin’ the subtitles!! 🤣🤣🤣

So after Spanish lesson we took a family trip to the greenhouse again!! Sweet peas coming on great.
No idea why this is such a crazy angle but I’m guessing it was the only way to get the fence and the dogs in the one pic.

It clouded over pretty early today and was windy so felt a lot colder than the last few days so i thought I’d potter and start staining some of the fence as it’s been looking pretty dry. It’s one of those jobs that you start of like Picasso and end up splatting fence stain all over everything. Craig told me to start on the back of the fence to see what it looked like… he comes out to check progress and yep I’m on the front. Forgot that important fact so the whole fence needs to be done that colour. Which it was gonna be anyway s’pose.

Check me using dust sheets… 😁
Pups having a lazy day in the sun ☀️ they were looking out at me until I bring out the phone!!
Love that I took pics of every step as if they’d be exciting
Still going….
Throwing the ball was actually way more fun!
And on it went….
Ball again??
Calaidh posing
Dog train 🐶🐶🚂
Still….. starting to feel very sorry for myself by now….
Oh my actual god I think it is actually finished!!!!!!
Not tidying up for photos…. 🤣

So for those of you who’ve seen our garden this is the smallest fence we have….. Craig is so on his own with the 146 footer 🤣🤣

Boris Johnson has moved back in to Downing St and starts back work tomorrow after his covid-19 illness. Deaths in the last 24 hours were at the lowest since 30th March at “only” 413 people. Said it before but so strange to think that… that’s still 413 people who’ve lost their lives. I think most have us have got used to this new normal. Going back to whatever the real normal is now is going to seem really strange. Craig and I have settled into a nice routine. Yeah we miss going out but we’re enjoying getting loads done. We are so lucky not to have been directly affected by this virus so far.

Had a nice WhatsApp video chat with mum and dad after painting the fence…. dad es un hombre y mum es una mujer …. 🤣🇪🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 so dad starts by asking if he can post mum over to us for a week or two of lockdown!!! They’re in good spirits and had calls with all the McGavin side today. He offers to send her second class and he had a fence spray painted machine that he could send with her. See what he did there?!?!?

Awww naw not more photos?!
Me too???

More Mexico narcos with dinner… I so want that to be Mexican nachos…… promise no more fence tmro!!